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There’s that one day in a young pianist’s life when it just clicks and playing piano becomes easy. For Julie, that day also came with the realization that she really liked playing for other people. A dream to be a professional accompanist was unfulfilled for medical reasons, but the next path to playing the organ offered healing and a whole new world of music. And the path veered on a parallel in teaching, but came back full circle, as she is now doing what she first wanted, and every path along the way is included within that circle.

Julie takes an all-encompassing view on playing keyboards, in that any style, medium, or venue is open. And this includes playing keyboard and singing back-up vocals for a punk rock band in the 1980’s! Truly, she is well versed in styles and loves to play for vocalists, instrumentalists, plays, musicals, dance, and so much more. She is at ease playing church music, both traditional and contemporary, and can lead and direct also. Playing in Senior Care facilities is another joy, connecting to the residents through the music of their time. Weddings and receptions, private parties – you name it, she’ll try it. Sing and play in a classic rock band – sure! Check it out at Last Call Raleigh. Accompany and/or direct your choir; substitute on organ or as choral director; play for rehearsals; record accompaniments: she can do it!

Samples of organ music:
Buxtehude - Praludium und Fuga in D major
Crown Imperial
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Langlais - Suite Medievale

Samples of piano music:
City Called Heaven
Wayfaring Stranger
You Alone

Colossal Nerve - The Christmas Song (Acappella)



Julie has played in venues varying from Memorial Auditorium and the Durham Performing Arts Center to Bonedaddy’s Hideaway Bar. She has crossed the country playing to audiences of 20 to 2,000. She has played and directed for Broadway stars (Lauren Kennedy in “Tell Me On A Sunday” at Hot Summer Nights at the Kennedy and ETC Theatre Company to stars right before their big break (local television coverage of American Idol finalist Clay Aiken), stars on tour (touring production of Legally Blonde) and performed with EbzB stars Serena Ebhardt and David ZumBrunnen ( on stages and PBS stations across the country. And of course, don’t forget all of the local stages that have an abundance of talent. This is just a small sample, but to keep up, you can check out the Events calendar.