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Fingertips Music Productions provides musical direction, individual and ensemble performance, and instruction and coaching to fill most any musical need. Julie Florin is an accomplished musician, pianist, organist, musical director, accompanist, and vocalist who has been in the business of “making music at her fingertips” for over 25 years. Julie performs on piano and organ in a variety of venues and musical genres. This musical flexibility, spanning classical music through classic rock to classic and new theatre, is a hallmark of her performances and work history. Read more about this on the About Me page. Also, please visit the Music Direction page for more information on the many theatrical endeavors and music ensembles with which she works.Samples of Julie’s playing can be heard on the Keyboards page, highlighting just a few of the many styles that she can cover.
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Ever the true collaborative artist, Julie is in her 13th year of touring with EbzB Productions “War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of WWII”, and “In One Era and Out the Other', with dates throughout the year and across the country. Additional collaborations with local theatres, artists, and churches are highlighted on the Events calendar. Julie is busy as a substitute organist, now in the upstate region of South Carolina, available to play different churches, denominations, and musical styles.
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Balancing her love for playing piano and organ with her love for teaching, Julie has spent time teaching middle and high school chorus and drama, and working as a church musician and music minister. She is available to play for most anything and anybody who needs her skills. Coaching for auditions; playing in Senior Care facilities; playing for different churches; private parties; weddings; accompanying recitals, choirs, and auditions; directing musicals – so many ways to play the keyboards! These are just a few ways that Fingertips Music Productions can play for you.